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Hyperacusis Testimonials – What it is like to live with pain to sound

▷ Hyperacusis Stories 👂 Living with pain to Sound 🔊

Testimonials from patients with hyperacusis

How to live with pain to sound?

Do you suffer from hyperacusis and want to tell your story?

Hyperacusis after Covid Vaccine - Hyperacusis in London
Hyperacusis after Covid Vaccine – Hyperacusis in London

Hyperacusis after Covid Vaccine – Hyperacusis in London

Here you can see the hyperacusis testimony of Will, a 40-year-old man who after receiving the covid vaccine suffers from tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Thanks to this testimony you will be able to understand how hyperacusis changes your life from one day to the next, to the point of losing relationships with friends and family.

Likewise, you will be able to see how sound therapies have turned out for him, even visiting one of the best professionals in his country.

Testimonio Hiperacusia Peru
What is hyperacusis? – Understand hyperacusis with Julio Flores

Testimony from Peru – Hyperacusis since 1992

Our friend Julio Flores, from Peru, has suffered from Hyperacusis and Tinnitus since 1992. In the following post you will be able to understand hyperacusis thanks to his testimony and two videos about his case: one on Peruvian Television and another from an extract from a Documentary.

Understand Hyperacusis with Real Testimonials

“Any everyday sound causes me pain, but also, it is as if I had a daily “limited sound quota”, that when it is exceeded (either by minimally intense sounds or by sounds that are not very intense but maintained over time), my pain threshold it becomes more vulnerable, shortening the dynamic range in which I can listen with some comfort, making almost any sound unbearable, such as the friction of a pencil on paper when you write.”

– Javier

Questions and Answers to Real Patients about Hyperacusis


Testimonial Hyperacusis

“Some sounds cause me pain as if I were being stabbed in the ear or hammered in the head. “

– Yasmina

Testimonial Hyperacusis

“Anything above the volume of quiet conversation feels like someone is sticking a pin in my ear and eyes.”

– Sabrina

“My pain is usually a dull ache, but sometimes it feels like a sharp or hot knife, sometimes it feels like fire rising up my throat to my ear.”

– Bass

“Sounds give me a prolonged burning in my ear, like a bad sunburn”

– Sevv

“I’m tired of trying to tackle a condition that most specialists don’t know enough about due to little scientific research. It’s like I have to do all the work while the specialists shrug their shoulders. It’s so exhausting to stay positive when I feel so cursed and unlucky. This condition has ruined my social life and my ability to lead a normal life”

– Janet

How to live with pain to sound? – Hyperacusis Stories

Testimony Hyperacusis


With hyperacusis you don’t live, you survive. Hyperacusis is a totally disabling disease. Its little research makes its causes and treatment a headache for the professional and the patient. The greatest pain is social misunderstanding.

Pain sound Testimonial


To me sound is PAIN. I feel each sound with the same pain of a hammer blow in my hand. People think that the sound bothers me like a dog’s barking bothers me, it doesn’t bother me, it HURTS.

Sound annoyance testimonial


For people who suffer from hyperacusis, pain literally drives us crazy. It is a torture that we live every day because our auditory sense perceives normal sounds in an exaggerated way.

Sound Therapy Treatment Testimonials

“I have hyperacusis of vestibular origin, they treated me with sound therapy and, apart from the first few hours where I noticed some relief, the rest of the time I was nauseated, dizzy and dizzy in bed without being able to move… I had to leave her to go back to The normality”

– Sara

Sound Therapy Treatment Testimonials – Success stories

“After 10 and a half months of suffering from hyperacusis, I can happily say that I made a full recovery through TRT (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and the emotional support of my loved ones.”

– Alejandro

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