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Hyperacusis Testimonials – What it is like to live with pain to sound

▷ Understand Hyperacusis 👂 How to live with pain to the sound 🔊 ? Patients Stories

What is hyperacusis?

How to live with pain to the sound?

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Testimony Hyperacusis


With hyperacusis you don’t live, you survive. Hyperacusis is a totally disabling disease. Its little research makes its causes and treatment a headache for the professional and the patient. The greatest pain is social misunderstanding.

Pain sound Testimonial


To me sound is PAIN. I feel each sound with the same pain of a hammer blow in my hand. People think that the sound bothers me like a dog’s barking bothers me, it doesn’t bother me, it HURTS.

Sound annoyance testimonial


For people who suffer from hyperacusis, pain literally drives us crazy. It is a torture that we live every day because our auditory sense perceives normal sounds in an exaggerated way.

What are the causes of Hyperacusis?

Causes of Hyperacusis -According to the National Library of Medicine

Causes of Hyperacusis

Did you know what the causes of Hyperacusis are according to an article from the National Library of Medicine? Despite being a little researched area, in the following article some of the possible causes are exposed according to the scientific evidence to date.

Treatment for Hyperacusis – Are Sound Therapies always adequate?

Treatments for hyperacusis

Testimonials from patients with hyperacusis will clarify, based on their experiences with the different treatments for hyperacusis, the results they have obtained with each of them.

What is the treatment for hyperacusis? – Patient Testimonials | Understand hyperacusis


Hyperacusis and Tinnitus are not the same

Did you know?

Hyperacusis is pain and discomfort at any normal sound, and is usually accompanied by Tinnitus or Tinnitus (perception of ringing in the ears without any external source that generates them).

Tinnitus next to hyperacusis is nothing. Patients suffering from hyperacusis would trade anything to stay with just the tinnitus as long as the constant pain caused by hyperacusis disappears.

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